This is a trial page at present, you know, in Australia we used to have a very good website where people could place model trains and other really interesting stuff for sale or to buy. Since that website closed there does not seem to be anywhere that caters to that need. So we are going to try to create a page where customers can advertise their model engineering projects for sale or wanted. Just trying to set this up within the limitations of my web site editing features so there may be some restrictions and anomalies to start with but we will see if we can get it right over time. 

So if you have something to sell , or are looking to buy this is the place!

For Sale


Bentley Engine

 For sale partly built BR2 1/4 scale aero engine 

Instruction book by Lew Blackmore

3 crankcase parts, crankshaft, conrods,gudgeon pins, 

tappetts  & bushes 

all ball races

1 - 800mm x 50mm alumium for cylinder barrels

1 - 300mm x 38mm alumium for pistons

3 - 320mm x 45mm spheroid graphite cast iron for cylinder sleeves


Phone Alan 0488004299 pick up Morayfield Qld


For Sale

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