B13 Locomotive 4-6-0 in 5" gauge, model of QR  loco details below from wikipedia

In June 1883 the first batch of 19 were delivered by Dübs & Co for use on the then isolated section of the Queensland Railways network including the Great Northern, Central, Southern & Western and Maryborough lines. Originally classified as the F class, per Queensland Railway's classification system they were redesignated the B13 class in 1890, B representing they had three driving axles, and the 13 the cylinder diameter in inches.[1][2][3]

Further orders were placed with Dübs & Co (52) Kitson & Co (25) and Phoenix Engine Company (15), bringing the total to 112 by 1895 by which time the isolated sections had been joined with the class operating throughout the state. In the early 1900s, most were rebuilt with higher pressure boilers and raised fireboxes. The last of the class was withdrawn in 1955. Two more continued to be used by Bingera Sugar Mill until 1969.[3]

B13 Locomotive 5" Gauge